Free Online Workouts

Hello there and happy pre-Friday!

My Thursday started off a little slow. Nothing like a job rejection first thing in the morning to start your day on a positive note! But that’s nothing a few hours of reading Harry Potter can’t fix! I decided to reread the entire series this summer since it has been so long since they originally came out. And let me tell ya, that JKR knows her stuff. I still can’t get over how she created such an intricate detailed story with so many twists and turns. Okay, I’ll stop fangirling now. It’s just so good! Proud Harry Potter nerd, over here!

I’ll just leave this here for your viewing pleasure:

That Daniel Radcliffe, though.. okay, sorry, sorry, I got a little distracted while looking for a picture.

Also, I found this and now I think I need a Harry Potter-esque trunk to hold all of my books…

Anywayyyy, moving back to the topic at hand.. Today I want to highlight some websites I frequent that provide free online workouts. I’m lucky enough that my new apartment complex has a really nice gym with more than just one treadmill and one elliptical. However, I am a group exercise lover and with my current lack of income I’m a bit hesitant to dole out the hundreds   a month that spinning, yoga, and barre studios often require. Enter free online videos!

Fitness Blender

I just finished today’s workout, which was a 25 minute ab and oblique workout from They have a wide range of videos to select from that focus on a whole body workout or specific body parts. You can also choose the length of the video you are looking for. And every single one is free! My go-to is definitely the 25 minute ab and oblique video but I love how they have a 10 minute version if you are low on time. They also have beginner videos and low impact workouts. Definitely worth checking out if you want to get a good equipment-free workout in at home or at a hotel!

Do Yoga With Me

Another great free online workout website is I’m fairly new to yoga and have never been to an actual in person class. I’ve started doing yoga classes through this website so I can learn a few positions and get the hang of it before joining a big group of people and falling over (I’m not the most flexible..) :-P. What I love most about this website is the videos dedicated to different muscles or body parts. When I get really stressed my neck and shoulders kill me. A few months ago I used a few videos dedicated to the neck and shoulders to help ease the tension. It showed me new stretches to help relieve some pain when nothing else was working.

Those are just a few of my go-to places when I’m not in the mood to leave the house or it is too hot out (like today) to leave the AC!

What workout websites do you use the most?


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