About Chelsea Moves

Welcome to Chelsea Moves, a blog that documents my life as I transition from New England to the much more relaxed vibe in Colorado.

I grew up in Connecticut and went to UConn for my undergrad degree in Psychology and Sociology.  Unsure of what to do with that I ended up working in fundraising as a Prospect Research Analyst at my alma mater. After getting entirely bored of the cow town that is Storrs, CT I decided to move to Boston and pursue an MS degree in Nonprofit Management with a concentration in Leadership.  After two years of working full time and being in grad school part time, I will finally complete it in three weeks!

After meeting the love of my life, Mike, in Boston, he got an amazing opportunity to work in Boulder, CO at his alma mater.  So I packed up and moved with him and here we are! Right now I’m finishing up my last grad class while job hunting.  I’ve thought about starting a blog many times over the past few years and decided this is my opportunity to jump in head first!  I hope you enjoy reading as I explore my new home!

Thanks for reading 🙂



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